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Best Bridesmaid Dresses for Winter Weddings

Winter weddings are always fun, the season has its own beauty which adds to the wedding. Since the intensity of winter is different in different parts of the world. People belonging to the different regions of the world will dress differently for winter weddings. However, bridesmaids need to look beautiful irrespective of anything.

Bridesmaids’ dresses need to look very attractive and elegant. It should have the perfect balance between sexy and classy. The bridesmaid is a part of most of the wedding photographs, so it is very important that she is well dressed and perfectly poised. Winters calls for darker and bolder shades, so choosing colors like red, royal blue, dark brown, maroon, crimson, scarlet, purple bridesmaids dresses will make the bridesmaid stand out and look striking.

Another think to be pondered about is the age of the bridesmaid, if the bridesmaid is in her late thirties, it is not advisable to give her a bubblegum pink frilly dress. A dark grey, black or brown fitted dress with stilettos and a string of pearls on the neck can give a dramatic look to a bridesmaid who is middle aged.

Younger girls or little kids can experiment with colors and cuts. Little girls in pink bridesmaid dresses with a floral coronet and chiffon gloves look adorable. Soft curls compliment the look and pretty ballerinas complete the look.

Being the bridesmaid is a matter of pride. After the bride the only girls who grab the eyeballs is the bridesmaid so it is rather important for her to look graceful and well dressed. Another thing that should be kept in mind is that, the bridesmaid’s dress should compliment the bride’s gown. They should not contrast each other or in the worst case scenario overpower each other. A bridesmaid can never steal the bride’s thunder on her big day. It goes without saying that the bride’s gown must definitely look more beautiful and attractive than the bridesmaid dress.


The bride must take into consideration the choices of the bridesmaid while designing the dress, the garment worn by the bridesmaid must compliment the theme of the wedding, its décor and the color scheme. Choosing the fabric is very important, you can’t let your bridesmaid freeze in winter by giving her a thin chiffon or lace dress. In winter fabrics like velvet, damask, and other heavy fabrics look very beautiful, so make the most of these fabrics during the winter season. The dress can be adorned by embellishments which compliment the color of the attire.

The price of the fabric must be taken into consideration as well. Different qualities of fabrics have different prices; the budget of the wedding cannot be disrupted only because the bridesmaid wants to wear an expensive dress. So take care of these little things and enjoy the winter wedding.

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