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How to choose matching groom's suits considering bridesmaid dresses?

Wedding dresses may give you sleepless nights. Be it the bride’s wedding gown or that of the bridesmaids, everything has to be chosen with a lot of care and planning. The groom’s suit has to be matching as well.

The wedding trousseau

What does a girl think next when she decides to get married? Of course the wedding trousseau! The trousseau or the wedding dress is one of the most important things of the wedding. The trousseau is the only dress that the girls love to wear only once in a lifetime. So that very dress should be handpicked after a lot of browsing and researching. While the Indian weddings call for heavy embroidered dresses, the western weddings are much into gowns and light dresses. The color is basically pristine white. Though nowadays, brides are ready to go in for a lot of brighter hues as well. The main criterion of the dress should be that it will make the bride stand out from the crowd. Bridesmaid dresses are equally demanding because they will be accompanying the bride to the altar, following her train. So the picture will be perfect only when the bridesmaids are dressed in their best as well.

Do not take away the limelight from the Groom

It is very much necessary to dress your bridesmaids fashionably. As such, is one of the best options for you. The, offers you one of the best bridesmaid dresses that are in vogue. These tailor made bridesmaid dresses are comfortable and fit the girls in the best way. These tailor made bridesmaid dresses are inspired by the latest fashions and even have an exclusive celebrity range. But wait! Do not put the focus so much on the bridesmaid that you leave behind the other most important person of the occasion. Yes, that is right; it is the groom we are talking about. Do not forget that it is as much his day as it is for the bride. So take special care in dressing up the groom as well.

Dressing up the Groom

Who said men do not understand fashion? Today’s men are at par with the women in the fashion zone. So it is important to make a thorough study of the ongoing trends and the outfits that are in fashion. Earlier a black tuxedo would have been enough to pump up the fashion quotient for the groom. But now that times have changed, there are huge variations to choose from. So now, dressing up the groom can be fun as well. Do not stick to the age old tuxedos. Try something new; try something fun, something more adventurous. How to do that? Simple, you can just play along with the colors, the cuts and the fits of the dresses that you get stitched. Gone are the days when you found it hard to differentiate between the groom and the best man. Only a flower in the pocket played on as the indicator, “Hey this is the groom”! Seriously, you need a break from that. After all who likes monotony in a wedding ceremony?

Men today are more adventurous and smart when it comes to dressing up. Well, fashion faux will be there but still compared to the previous eras, men have grown. They are ready to try vibrant and bright hues when it comes to their wedding suits. Ever thought of trying out an emerald green blazer on your D-day, or may be a lemon yellow one? Going for a hand embroidered suit or a pure silk one? Everything is in demand now.

Are you not that experimental? In that case you better stick to the conventional choice- tuxedos. But do you know that tuxedos are not of only a single design or type. Rather young and emerging designers are playing a lot with these oh-so-obvious wedding dresses that will give today’s grooms a certain edge along with the required élan. Hiring a designer for your trousseau is a very wise idea. It leaves you with total peace of mind. Just do have a proper look at the portfolio of the designer and if it satisfies you, everything will be their headache. So be it the dresses of the bride, the bridesmaid or the groom, choose each one with care and weave out a dream wedding that will be in talks for ages. Wish you all the luck.

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